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Prints Unlimited Galleries is comprised of a team of highly experienced art and design professionals with combined experience of over 40 years.

Joanne McDonald Art Consultant

Joanne McDonald
Joanne brings more than 30 years of industry experience to each project. She possesses a formal studio arts degree, has been a practicing artist, and has extensive hands on experience in retail gallery management and framing. Her backgrounds in photography, art education, art publishing and various areas of the design trade keep her creative perspective fresh and in tune with the changes in the art market.

Her first tenant is to listen closely to her clients’ needs. She is equally comfortable in a directive or supportive role in the art selection, design and project management process. Her collaborations enhance the interior designers’ and architects’ visions while maintaining brand awareness of the business.

Her experience lies in culminating large scale projects. As she has designed artwork into Healthcare, Senior Living and Corporate facilities her objective has been to raise the quality of life of the patients, residents, and employees within those spaces, “I love what I do, I am dedicated to my clients, and I work hard to make sure that a good experience is had by all.”

“Joanne was instrumental in decorating our new medical center with art pieces that complimented the finishes and furnishes of the facility. She was flexible and sensitive to the demanding timeline of the project and demonstrated a calming yet energetic style to the project team.”

-Toni M., Healthcare Consultant

“Joanne is one of the easiest and most organized clients I’ve ever worked with! And I’ve been in business for thirty-one years.”

-Cindy F., Studio 84 West

Sarah Ratcliffe
Sarah has excelled in the arts and framing industry for over 15 years. She is interested in how artwork can be utilized to create a more mindful and motivating space in which to live, work, and play. Her degree in Psychology and Art lends to her personal and professional philosophy.

She works from the idea that great design offers a therapeutic advantage in any environment. When consulting with her clients she focuses on how to best choose art based on their needs, the requirements of the space, and the message the business wishes to communicate.

“Beautiful artwork adds a layer of color, memory, association, and conversation to a space. It can help the eye to rest or add energy and activity. Or both! I’m excited about the future of artwork for public spaces and the healing properties we’re just now beginning to understand.”

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